The Concept

In 2016 music producers RedflagRik & Mart decided to start putting out some singles purely looking to create music that was something they liked, rather than as is too often the case in modern music, trying to sound a certain way. This is where Start Clinic was born, and now it has taken a step further forward, as the whole idea of the genre has been thrown out of the window by them as they embark on creating an album that will be different from anything they have done before.

The Concept & YouTube

The concept behind the "Start Clinic Project" is to create an album under the scrutiny of YouTube subscribers who will get to see everything from the development of the concept, right through to the final release of the album on vinyl and digital formats.

RedflagRik with Aloft in 1995 (front right)

There's a catch though. As it stands neither Mart or Rik have the first clue of what the overall concept is, what the music will be like and they will need to solve many problems along the way. Not only will they be documenting the music, but they will be responsible for all of the artwork, social media and anything else connected with creating an album yourself. On top of that, in order to release this album, it will require setting up a small independent record label in order to release their music on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, etc.

What else?

It is all new to Start Clinic, so it is impossible to say what lies ahead. However, you will get to follow and maybe have a say in the direction the entire project takes. One thing is guaranteed, it is sure to be a fun project and an interesting journey.

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