The Record Label To Start Sooner Than Planned

We knew we needed to set up a record label to allow us to release our album on digital sales platforms such as iTunes. But that was going to happen later in the process, one the album was almost finished.

However, having talked about work we have done that we haven’t released due to knowing how independent labels tend to work, mostly an exclusive licensing “deal” for often five to ten years, without any advance or effort to promote the track, we thought it would be interesting to add a Start Clinic Music label and see how we get on doing it ourselves, in comparison to how unsuccessful independent labels have been in the period of 3 years. It doesn’t take much to beat what we have earned as our money drawn out is a big fat zero with £2.50 last time I checked an account in waiting.

That’s another thing about these labels, YOU have to chase them for any information about earnings, which we will be doing soon, just so we can publish it and then start the comparison. This way you will also get to see the reality of the music industry for yourself, and hopefully, for any musician or producer out there thinking of signing a deal like this, because it is flattering to be signed to a label, they might think twice about it.

What we plan to do.

Firstly we want to see how long it takes to get the information back from each label that has released our tracks since 2014. We will note down how long it takes. Then we will calculate how much we have made per release, per label. The next step is to see what happens when we request the money. We already know that LabelWorx that many of them us for releasing tracks onto digital platforms has a minimum withdrawal amount of £50. However, the labels we are dealing with that should have enough in their accounts to pay that money and not say we cannot be paid, as there is no mention of any minimum earnings on the contract we signed. So they should, in theory, pay up.

What if they don’t pay up?

This isn’t about the money, but it will be unavoidable naming them on here, and as a result shaming them. We are too busy to fight over what we know will only amount to about £10 in total anyway. Although as an interesting side note, tracks we released after deciding not to deal with independent labels anymore total £8.49 so far, so maybe the money due from these other labels will be more than we expect. Well, we will soon find out.

And The Start Clinic Label

The label will be releasing previously unheard tracks since we might as well share them with you. It’s such a waste having good music knocking about on a hard drive and not being heard by anyone else.



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