Where Do You Start?

Figuring out where to start with the Start Clinic Project is ironically enough one of the big questions we have to find an answer to. But the answer is dictated to us by what we are doing. So the answer is here. Martin & I have already done a brief introduction video diary each, which is a good start, as it tells you a short story about what we know so far and what little we have in the way of actual plans.

What we know so far

We know we want to put together an album, we want to share the experience with people on our YouTube Channel, but the story, the project, will just take on a life of its own. And that is really what this is all about.

If you over-plan something like this it will lose its spontaneity, nothing will go wrong, and therefore it won’t be as entertaining to see the progress. We want this to be real, and we want you to see the process of us developing a concept and turning it into an album. But it’s not just the album, it’s the whole YouTube and the album deal that is both as important as each other.

This website is in development

Currently, this website is being designed. And rather than have a landing page that says coming soon, you are able to see the progress, it even has all of the imported demo pages. Those will be removed and replaced as the website is fully designed. We have also set up a Merch Shop, not because we expect to sell anything, although I must admit I do like the designs we have done and I might buy a few things myself. But if I’m totally honest, the presence of a shop, with the nice pictures of merchandise make the website look better whilst there’s not much else to fill the front page.

A final thought

Anyway, I must go now, but this gives you a slight insight into what is going on at the moment. I will probably do a few more of these soon as I need to fill space on this website so it is ready for an “official launch” whatever that means.



YouTube content creator for channels Personality Aware & RedflagRik, Bradford born Rik released a number of records in the 90's working with Mart as Redboy Wrong Planet & Slapper. Most recently he worked under the alias Jack Jonaz and has released a number of tracks with Mart as Start Clinic.

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